Scintilla's Guide to AVISynth Postprocessing Filters
(except deinterlacers)

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NOTE: This guide is currently unfinished. The page on derainbowing has not been completed, and therefore those links will come up 404. However, any feedback on what I have so far is always appreciated. Thanks!

This guide assumes you're already familiar with AVISynth and how to write scripts. In it, I will attempt to give a rundown of some of the most popular and useful AVISynth filters for filtering AMVs.
I will not be telling you what to use -- every source has different problems that need different solutions. Rather, I'll be explaining how the various filters work, what they're good for, some caveats of each, etc. so that you can figure out which ones would be most effective for any given video.

I owe a good deal of my knowledge of AVISynth filters to Ermac and Absolute Destiny's Guide to All Things Audio and Video; however, its section on AVISynth filters is by now rather outdated. That's part of the reason I wrote this.

The vast majority of these filters were written for AVISynth 2.5.x and will not work on AVISynth 2.0.x or older. It is recommended that you be running version 2.5.6 of AVISynth; Release Candidate 2, released on 10/7/05, can be downloaded from here.

Some general notes:

Each filter writeup contains the following information:

Where can I get all these filters?

For your convenience, I've compiled all the filters mentioned in this guide into one ZIP file, which you can get here (LINK NOT WORKING YET).
In the individual filter write-ups, where possible, I've included links to the creators' pages where you can check for the newest versions of the filters. Also, many of the plugin filters are available at the AVISynth Filter Collection. Most of the script functions can be found floating around the Doom9 forum somewhere. More recently, many filters of both types may be found at the AVISynth wiki page on external filters.

AVISynth can't find my filters!

After installing new plugins, you may find that AVISynth now complains that your scripts are calling functions that don't exist -- even though the old plugins are still in your default plugins directory where they always were before. I admit I don't know exactly why this happens; it may be that having more than a certain number of plugins in your plugins directory screws up autoloading.

In any case, there is an easy way to fix this: Make a new script file that contains nothing but a bunch of LoadPlugin() lines, one for each plugin that's failing to auto-load. Save it with the .AVSI extension in your plugins directory; this way it will auto-load and all your plugins will work just as they used to.

And Now, the Filters

The various categories can also be accessed via the links at the top of the page.

Spatial Smoothers:

Temporal Smoothers:

Spatio-Temporal Smoothers:

Sharpeners (and edge enhancement):

Dealing with Dot Crawl:


Last updated on 6/23/09
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