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Dueling Videos: Under Ice

"Splits a family in two, puts people on streets..."
"Will it ever stop? Yo! I don't know!"

Completion and premiere date: 12/23/03
Animé used: FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion
Artist: Queen & David Bowie VS. Vanilla Ice; mixed by Stark Effect
Song: "Under Pressure" plus "Ice Ice Baby" equals "Under Ice"
Spoilers: minor ones for Evangelion

Download: MPEG-1, 720x480 (70.5 MB) (Please right-click and select "Save As...")
Or from AMVs.org: XviD AVI (will play back with DivX 5), 480x352 (42.6 MB) (just click it)

Convention record:
Judge's Award at Katsucon 10
Best of Class - Journeyman at Anime Boston 2004
Logrus Studios' "Unjustly Owned" VAT Staff award at Anime Weekend Atlanta 10


This is my longest (at 4:01, not counting the bumper and credits) and most ambitious (though that's not saying much when you consider some of the other videos out there these days) video to date. It's also probably my best done.

This video also marks my move from Premiere 5.1 to Premiere Pro. I just wish that that move hadn't been halfway through the editing process, after 5.1 suddenly stopped opening my project files correctly.

The concept: There's actually two videos going on simultaneously, fighting for use of the screen. One is a serious video, using FLCL footage to "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie. The other is silly comedy, using Evangelion footage to "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice.

Yes, that means that FLCL provides the SERIOUS half of the video.

Subtitles are provided so that it's easier to tell which song you're supposed to be paying attention to when, yellow for "Ice Ice Baby" and white for "Under Pressure". However, if enough people write in asking for an unsubbed version, it can be easily made.
I.I.B. is always on the right side, U.P. on the left, and they keep pushing each other aside.

This is the first time I've used an animated studio bumper, and I think it turned out well enough that I'll use it again for future videos (though perhaps with different music).

Also, watch through the credits. They contain an amusing short that I'd been wanting to do for a long time, but I knew it was too short to ever be its own video.

Bumper music: "The World of the Heart" by Randy Edelman, from the Dragonheart soundtrack

Credits audio: Conversation at the end of "Brick" by Ben Folds Five (only found on certain copies of the album)

Further information can be found at this video's information page on AMVs.org.

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