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Waka Laka (for Osaka)


Version 1 completed (Anime Expo and Otakon version): 5/26/05
Version 1.1 update (Animethon version): 6/3/05
Version 1.2 update (AWA Expo and current version): 6/16/05
Premiered: 7/1/05, at Anime Expo 2005

Anime used: Azumanga Daioh
Artist: Jenny Rom vs. Zippers
Song: Waka Laka (E=mc˛ Mix)
Spoilers: Don't believe so.

Download: XviD AVI (will play back with DivX 5), 640x480 (35.9 MB)
Or from AMVs.org: XviD AVI (will play back with DivX 5), 512x384 (23.5 MB)

  • The first link is only recommended for sticklers for visual quality (you know who you are). Its bitrate can get very high; if you try it and your computer can't handle it (stutters to the point that it's just not watchable), get the second link instead. If you encounter problems with the second link as well, contact me and I'll see about getting a low-res version encoded.

Convention record:
Finalist at Anime Expo 2005 in the Comedy category
Best Comedy/Parody, runner-up for Best Technical, and runner-up for Judges' Choice Best Overall at Animethon 12
Winner, Upbeat/Rhythm category at Otakon 2005


I tried to make this video reflect the song's overwhelming sense of speed-induced HAPPY as much as possible.
"Waka Laka" appeared on the arcade version of DDRMAX2 (Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix); it sounds like a drug song, and it's upbeat and rather catchy. My advice is to just let it slowly drive you crazy. >=)

This is easily the most upbeat, hyper, happy, and hallucinogenic video I've ever done. During the month of June, I found that I kept on replaying this video, upwards of 4 times a week, it was just that fun and addictive... I'm just hoping the viewing public will feel the same way. :)

There ARE DDR arrows in this video, as well as the DDRMAX/MAX2/Extreme announcer. The beginning and end are edited to look like a DDR background video, with the song's background image, the stars wiping, the crowd cheering, etc. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Somehow, this video has gotten insanely popular on YouTube.com, having been uploaded many times (none of them by me), having gotten over one million views (no exaggeration), and having started a trend of using "Waka Laka" in AMVs, most of which remain on YouTube and never make it to AnimeMusicVideos.org, for better or for worse.
Of course, everyone knows that YouTube is crap when it comes to video quality and A/V synchronization, but if you don't care about stuff like that and you don't want to be able to download your own copy to keep on your computer, I guess it's fine. And I can't deny that it's highly effective at spreading videos among the general public on the 'net...

For further notes, please consult this video's information page on AMVs.org.

Bumper audio: Sound effects and announcer from DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (and all DDR games since then)

Credits audio: Announcer from DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (and all DDR games since then)

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